Layer Cake Art Journal Tutorial Revisited

Here's a tutorial for creating grungy wicked texture on your art journal page using acrylics and fiber paste. This is a technique that I shared back in 2011 and I thought it would be fun to try it again with better film quality! I'm working here in an altered hardback book.

Daisy Yellow Urban Layer Cake art journal tutorial with fiber paste and acrylics.

Fiber paste is one of the mediums that you can use to add texture or dimension to your mixed media work. You can apply it with a palette knife, your fingers, a brush or a plastic card. When wet, it feels like wet sand and when dry, it looks and feels like rough cement or a weathered adobe wall. Golden categorizes fiber paste as an "effects paste" which can give the appearance of handmade paper if used in a thin layer.

Here's the 6 minute video tutorial. You can find it at Vimeo or at YouTube too.

Long ago and far away, I taught a mini-workshop called Urban Layer Cake and here's the original version from 2011 using fluid acrylics which are just as saturated but thinner than heavy body acrylics.

For more grungy fun in your art journal? Check out my workshop Novel Approach, where you can learn techniques for art journaling in a hardback book, with a focus on heavy body acrylics and collage.

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