5.5x8" exacompta sketch journal, gelly roll

There's something enticing about getting your thoughts on paper via slow journaling. You could write page after page in the typical fashion, and sometimes that helps. But I like to focus on something simple. Filling the wavy page forces me to choose words carefully and get to the point. And as a bonus, it's a great way to test out new writing tools like this pink gelly roll!

Sometimes you feel like crap physically, sometimes emotionally, and sometimes you hit the jackpot! While the girls were splashing in the pool, I developed a smoldering headache reading in the sun while the rest of the neighborhood mowed their lawns. 98 degrees in the shade, 93 degrees in the pool. I hate the summer heat in Texas... and yet we continue more gardening this week. Write about the bad stuff too. I just finished reading Bright-Sided, so the impact of constant "glass is half full" thinking is on my mind.