Daisy Yellow Zine #17: Kick-Start Your Art

At Daisy Yellow I focus on the value of doing small art projects every day, how sticking with your art practice helps you build your drawing, painting, collaging, design and brainstorming skills so that you can do the art that you really want to do. There's a lot of chat about becoming a better artist by paying attention to the what-if questions, and the realities of experimenting with paints and inks and papers. It's amazing that a what appears to be a tiny act like making a collage on an index card can make you a better artist and contribute to a happier life. 

Readers write and tell me that they want to get started, or get better, but don't know what to do. They don't know where to start. Or they've lost their muse or are feeling pretty blah and need a creative reboot. There are buckets of ideas run dry, all of that. But I do not think that any of this is permanent. You are your own muse, my friends. And the key, the little secret magic code is that you just have to start somewhere. And it really doesn't matter where! 

I've been publishing the Daisy Yellow Zine since May 2011 🧡 There are currently 3 special Index-Card-a-Day issues and 8 regular issues available in the Zine section or in my Etsy Shop.

The focus of Issue #17 is getting the inertia to START and KEEP GOING with your art. I'll challenge you - dare you - to alter some of your assumptions and play with the variables involved in art-making as well as your approach to your own work. This is a digital magazine with 26 pages of colorful artwork & essays about creative work. One of my stretch goals for 2018 is to publish FOUR Zines, and I've been working on this one since October, yikes! It's a goodie, and you'll love having it in your Zine collection:) Each of the Zines will include an article and artwork from a contributing artist! This issue features artwork and an article by my creative buddy Swedish artist Hanna Andersson.

The Daisy Yellow Zine will get you THINKING about your creativity, about your approach to your own work and about the joyous act of doing art. I talk about the oscillations of the creative process and try to put low altitude phases into perspective so that you can make the most of them.

Excerpt from Zine #17: "Take a look at what you actually DO when you do art; consider the way you set up your paints, the physical manner in which you sit down at your art table, the music you play, the height of your work desk, etc. Do you sit down in a flurry of thought? Do you light incense or a candle? Put on rhumbas & congas? I bet you could tweak a few variables and rev up idea generation."

Excerpt from Zine #16: "You are human. No matter how vast your imagination or how effortlessly your work usually flows. No matter where you are on your "creative journey" or how much you’ve got your process down to a science. Here’s the thing. You need time to refresh and renew your energy, to gather ideas and give those ideas a chance to simmer."

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