Just Dogs

Hanna has started a spotted photo series, posting groups of photographs on a particular theme. This time the theme is Cats + Dogs. Hanna has a cat named Smilla. I have a dog named Kimba, a Rhodesian Ridgeback. 

105 pounds of destructive cuteness, looking so innocent.

I have never had a cat {due to allergies}.

Kimba is pretty intense.

She likes the heat. But she's an indoor dog.

She doesn't bark much.

She is very smart.

She notices everything.

Here's kimba at the top of our kids' fort in the back yard, looking down.

She loves to swim.

She can reach anything. Even cinnamon swirl rolls in a plastic container on the counter. No food is safe.

Kimba was outside for just a few minutes while we watered the tomatoes on a 100+ degree summer day.

She chews stuff. A lot.

More swimming.

The most destructive puppy in the universe. Times six.

But this cute.

She loves the kids' toys.

She still loves to lie on the steps.

More aggressive puppy chewing.

She's not smoking a cigar.

She destroyed this couch.

But she always looks so innocent.

She sleeps a lot.

She does NOT like the rain.

Kimba's perch on the stairs, watching everyone go back and forth.

She steps up onto the bed. No need for jumping.