Just Because You Can {Gaining Clarity}

I've been trying to steer my row boat, but the damned boat keeps veering off to the side. It started at the very beginning of 2013 with one big tangent. I took on a volunteer project that took two solid months of energy. It was a school auction project, a project that involved stitching and design and everything I love. But it was more stressful than I had imagined.

Over the past few months, I've declined 4 creative projects/collaborations. And 2 volunteer positions. Two big positions. Saying YES is FUN! EXHILARATING! EXCITING! COOL! GLAMOROUS! HELPFUL! FINANCIALLY REWARDING! And often YES is the right path. Often YES leads us to pure wonderfulness. But YES can lead us off course. YES can lead to perpetual busy-ness. 

NO is less cool. NO is quiet. NO is difficult. We can't tell others the details of the NO. We see others in the spotlight, knowing that our NO stood in the way. But what if NO allows us to discover and do what we choose? What if NO leads to the space needed for something good? Sometimes NO is just as brave as YES!

Everyone is paddling their little ships in the direction they want to go. My path includes writing this blog, and you are reading this blog so our paths have intersected! Yippee!