Jump In!

 "Anyone who says sunshine brings happiness
has never danced in the rain."
~ Unknown


Swimming season begins. The pool is a crisp and clean 76 degrees yet I usually take a ridiculous 10 minutes to get acclimated, easing in bit by bit. Yesterday things changed. I dared myself to jump in. Standing at the edge... anxious, wavering.


The shock of cold water; rejuvinated + refreshed + kids cheering.

Jump In.

Are you wavering as to how to start an art journal? Don't let the concept of a crisp clean beautiful duck-white paper in the suede-bound journal psych you out.

Fun. Color. Words. Paints. Tape. Glue. Paper. Pens.

Just grab a piece of heavy paper, 5 things to get color onto the paper (crayons, rubber stamps), things to stick to the pages (receipts, gum wrappers, fabric scraps), a method of attaching this stuff to the paper (staples, electrical tape, painter's tape, glue), mix it all up on your paper.