Journal Flip: The Red Journal

Hello kiddos! A long time ago I promised a flip-thru of the altered books I have finished in the past year and so FINALLY here's the Red Journal! The secret to this week's productivity is the fact that I am trying to do our taxes!

Let me tell you a bit about this journal.

There are 32 page spreads including the inside front and back covers. A bunch of these pages are part of the Novel Approach workshop, with two from Groovy Grunge. So now you have a frame of reference about where some of the pages you've seen at the blog actually reside! This was originally a non-fiction book with matte pages, no gloss at all, b&w text with a few tables, no illustrations.

Reportage. Assemblage. Colorage. Describage.

For many art journalists the wonder and beauty of journaling is the ability to write & explore deep thoughts on paper {hashtag #deepthoughts}, to process pain, to validate feelings, to reconcile, to document.

What consistently brings me back to my journal is the act of rolling-up-the-sleeves and digging in to the materials. I love the way they interplay, the wonderful randomness of collage art.

There are many camps and perspectives and you likely fall somewhere in the continuum. I'd be curious to know what you think? Some folks get a lot out of working thru the intense emotional stuff and others use the journal as a respite and a form of peace. I love using the journal as an escape hatch. It keeps me {somewhat} sane! 

PS. The Ginormous Workshop Sale on Novel Approach + Groovy Grunge Ends April 20, 2017.