Journal Flip: The Orange Journal

I've tasked myself with filming flip-thru videos for all of the books/journals finished this past year.  Most of this journal was finished in 2015-2016 with maybe 1-2 pages this year. The Orange Journal is the 2nd flip thru on the list [the first is the Red Journal]. I wrote about my process for naming stuff in The Elusive Naming Process; my altered books are typically named after the cover color of the original book or maybe the purpose of the journal.

Art journal by Tammy Garcia. #daisyyellowart
Art journal by Tammy Garcia, part of the Daisy Yellow Novel Approach Workshop. #workshop #artjournal
Art journal by Tammy Garcia.
Art journal by Tammy Garcia.
Art journal by Tammy Garcia.
Art journal by Tammy Garcia.

About this journal...

There are 27 page spreads including the inside front and back covers. Several of these page spreads were filmed as part of the Novel Approach workshop. So that's a bit of context - my mixed media journal pages are housed in books. This book project started as a children's book with glossy full-page illustrations. I used to prefer non-glossy pages in my altered books but now that doesn't matter to me...  I go to the discount section of the half priced book store and take a long time to peruse. I pull books out, page through, put them back... I look at the structure, the spine, the paper, the background imagery - and decide whether it I want to alter it.

There is something tangibly intriguing about a book as the starting point.

In this journal, I'm working mostly  in Golden heavy body acrylics, Caran D'Ache Neocolors, collage and ink. Exploring my art materials, a box of paper scraps beside me. That's my idea of fun.

Want to learn about mixed media art journaling? Take a workshop! Several of the pages in this journal where filmed as part of the Novel Approach Workshop


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