The Jetsons, dahlias, and negative space.

“Life is just like a big puzzle but you can't look at it and focus, you've...
just got to close your eyes and let it come together.”
Corey Miller

When I started this project in January, I knew that it would be a BIG project. Like ginormous. And I know it's going to sound ridiculous but I had no doubt that I would finish it. Why? How? Not because of any magic potion but because I have done this before! The good news is that each time you finish a challenge you PROVE to yourself that you CAN do it. It's tangible evidence.

But what if you haven't finished a challenge before? Whether it's a 30-day, 61-day, 100-item, 365 somethings, etc.] know that as you go, you are literally in the process of showing yourself you can do it. Life is just a big work-in-progress. Once you get to that elusive goal you will have that confidence for next time, and the time after that. Any hey, yeah, it may take a bunch of tries!!!! It's not automatic.

But with work it is possible.

I didn't dive into this project lightly -- I gave it a lot of thought, developed a structure so that I can a) keep track of what I'm doing, b) document via photography and notes on the reverse of each card, and c) keep myself motivated. Like, I've got a tracker to check off each card and whether I post to instagram, facebook, and here at Daisy Yellow. This has proven to be a surprising escape, a creative backdrop for my year. Like the energizer bunny, it's still going! This project matters a great deal to me, but photographing and posting is logistically complex for my brain right now! Yes, I'm going to capture and document all of them here, but it will take time.

And I knew what I was getting into -- after all, Hanna and I had done this project together in 2013 and had been waiting for the right year to do it again. The 365 Somethings Project is an on-going project, a thread through the calendar year. This is a project I'm doing along with Hanna Andersson. It is flexible so we are free to work in batches and sets and series toward a quantitative goal.  

365 inked Abstracts #137-159

"Space age" Jetsons mandalas. 

What the heck are these? Scenic overlooks photographed from a drone? Spinal xrays? Leaves? Puzzle pieces? Maps? Ogees? 1970s wallpaper? More play on positive and negative space.

“The minute we begin to think we have all
the answers, we forget the questions.”
Madeleine L'Engle

Abstract landscapes, as you probably guessed!

These are dahlias, a flower I've been drawing for a year or two, in various formats. I love to interpret one concept in multiple ways. 

"Are you really sure that a floor
can't also be a ceiling?"
M.C. Escher