January Already


I hope you'll like January at Daisy Yellow.

Lots of art. And permission.

Some rule-breaking.

An art journal collaboration.

A mail art collaboration.

A new artist interview.




Here's a discussion from the Daisy Yellow Facebook group that I don't want you to miss. 

I invite each of you to share {ONE} CREATIVE intention for 2013. I know you have a million, zillion plans. Gobs of resolutions. Strong words about a fresh start. I know. But for today, name ONE possible, realistic, doable thing. Something big enough to make a difference yet small enough to be feasible. Some ideas: "draw a doodle at lunch every monday" or "keep a journal and markers in my purse" or "wake up 20 minutes before the kids and write a daily haiku" or "write one sentence each evening before i go to sleep" or "plant daisies in the spring and pansies in the fall" or "read one creativity book each month" or "draw while my kids do their homework" or "take weekly flute lessons" or "buy a sewing machine" or "focus on 'patience,' my word of the year" or....