Jamie's Fifteen

On our first full day in Amsterdam during our European travels this summer, we set off for Jamie Oliver's Fifteen Amsterdam for lunch. With directions from the hotel, we walked to the train station area, caught the correct bus, and even got off at the correct stop! It was a quiet urban area of office buildings. We walked. And walked. And walked. And finally asked some folks who didn't speak english how to get to Fifteen. They pointed and laughed kindly. So we turned around and walked. And walked. Back to where we started. There it was, nestled in an office building in a courtyard.




It's a lovely, bright and airy spot, a funky decor of urban art graffiti walls with an elegantly simple feel and broad windows overlooking the water. There was a large ship docked behind the building. When we arrived, they were closing for the afternoon. With two exhausted, hungry kids and a long walk behind us, we explained that we missed our reservation because we couldn't find the place. To our surprise they invited us in!