It's games week at index-card-a-day...

“One of the world's most tiresome questions is what object one would bring to a desert island,because people always answer "a deck of cards" or "Anna Karenina" when the obvious answer is "a well equipped boat and a crew to sail me off the island and back home where I can play all the card games and read all the Russian novels I want.” 
Lemony Snicket

ICAD #36: Backgammon. 3x5" gridded index card, painted papers, stitched. 
So happy to be reunited with my sewing machine! When I was in high school my mom and I used to play backgammon late into the night, betting quarters with the doubling cube until I finally won and we were even. It brings back good memories. The found text reads, "You don't have to catch up. Just start. Start anywhere."

ICAD #37: Chess or Checkers. 3x5" gridded index card, fabric, stitched. I used a gridded index card for my base and cut little fabric squares by hand and stitched to the card and added found words. The words read, "routine #12, a hundred visions and revisions. you can change or stay the same." and as I said on instagram, this random assortment of words really spoke to me as I stitched, thinking about the impact of doing art, and the fact that art is now part of my everyday normal. So while exercise is still a choice that I must make {and hesitate each and every time, sometimes saying yes, sometimes no}, art is part of me. 

ICAD #38: Mah Jong. 3x5" gridded index card, gelatin prints, stitched. I used a lined index card for my base and cut rectangles from a gelatin print that I made a few months ago. I thought these had echoes of the tiles {in an alternate mah jong universe} so that's my interpretation. I always say that you can use a prompt to spark pretty much anything! PS. You are not imagining it... I've decided to start my count again. In the big picture, it doesn't matter, just an FYI. 

So for the first time {maybe the first time in ICAD history} I am following the weekly prompts. I love games. I grew up in a game playing family - chess, Monopoly, Hearts, Mille Bornes, Careers... and we had a Ouija board too.