It's All Too Much

here's the background before the orange stamping; i pumped up the sharpness in photoshop on this one

11x15" art journal page, bristol board, golden fluid acrylics, gesso, eraser stamps, found stamps, stamping ink, hardware stamps, photographs, pitt pen...

The stamping on this page was inspired by Print & Stamp Lab by Traci Bunkers. And by Traci's use of photographs of herself on her art journal pages. I don't use many photos on my pages and I finally sat down and printed a LOT of photos and hoping to push myself to use them. I started with the goal of using lots of pastels on this page, colors I am completely uncomfortable with! I layered neocolors and gesso and made indentations in the gesso with found stamps like little medicine cups. Then it just got out of control and lots of stamping and chaos ensued!


I can no longer focus!

So many blogs full of so many ideas.

So many photographers and artists at flickr.

So many tumblrs, pinterests, tweets.

The eye candy is infinite.

A few years ago I could peruse and savor, and then go be creative.

I feel like I'm all over the map.


What process have you used to pare down the "inputs" to your creative muse?

How do you decide what blogs to cut from your feed reader?

Have you unfollowed not out of disinterest but to better focus?

Do you take digital holidays?