Interplanetary Chandeliers

The 365 Somethings Project is an on-going project, a thread through the calendar year. 
This is a project I'm doing along with Hanna Andersson

Inky fingers #17-24

Hi there! This is my 3rd post where I share my 365 project with you! I'm multitasking, if that's the word? Batching. Grouping. Lots of different cards with lots of different things going on simultaneously. Each day I look at the cards and make a split second decision to call some of them done. This week I worked in ink again, with stitching on some cards and also a tiny bit of acrylic paint entered the picture.

I realized this week that my approach is completely different than the way I worked Inktober this past year... where I took out 6 cards and did them all at the same time. They were all related and in most cases extremely similar. I really enjoyed that!

I am always tempted to add more details, more of this or that. More chaos. More color. I like having nooks & crannies and mysterious elements... So part of the learning process will be toying with simplicity... but not yet!!!  Right now I'm obsessed with this project. 

3x3" inked cards for 365 Project by Tammy Garcia

It's still WAY early days, folks, for this 365. So early that I encourage you to just not judge your own work at all. Zip. Nothing. Keep going. See what happens. This is all just exploration, the end result does not have to be anything in particular. If you like it, cool, if you don't, switch gears. Add a medium. Delete a step in your process. Cut up your work and collage it back together. Try a new pen. But keep going. If by chance you are already bored with your project, switch the definition. If you're just starting, there is ample time to do your somethings. Here's a list of repeatable daily projects to get the gears turning. Figure out what motivates you and do that!

Above... played with the stitching so that it looks kind of like stained glass or a spiderweb! What do you see? Below... let's imagine that this is a Olympic jogging track for chipmunks. Or an interplanetary harbor map?

3x3" inked cards for 365 Project by Tammy Garcia
3x3" inked cards for 365 Project by Tammy Garcia

3x3" ink + thread on watercolor paper, somethings 17-20

3x3" inked cards for 365 Project by Tammy Garcia #365somethings2018 #abstractart

3x3" ink + thread on watercolor paper, somethings 21-24

Be sure to catch Hanna's fantastic, retro, groovy collages 1-7 over here

create 365 of something by 12/31/18

Learn all about the challenge here. 

You choose how you work. It might be in batches, in groups, or just on weekends. You can 7/day... then switch to something else... or create 1/day but know that you CAN and are ENCOURAGED to skip a day to give yourself grace + flexibility + ZERO guilt.

Share your work at instagram tagged #365somethings2018 and follow that tag to see what everyone is making for their project. There are already over 650 items tagged, wow!!! And it's only mid-January!!!