Inktober Part № 4

The next set of inked pages for the Inktober Challenge

3x5" moleskine, kuretake brush pen. The inspiration started with a postage stamp then I added some words at the top but I'm guessing you cannot decipher them!

5x8" moleskine, kuretake brush pen. Making maps, playing with negative space and using LOTS of ink. 

5x8" moleskine, kuretake brush pen.

5x8" moleskine, pencil, kuretake brush pen, gouache.

5x8" moleskine, kuretake brush pen, gouache.


5x8" moleskine, gouache.

5x8" moleskine, gouache.

And guess what? That's a wrap on another 3x5" watercolor moleskine -and- another 5x8" watercolor moleskine. And I finished a larger A4 size a few weeks ago. Like the energizer bunny, but without the energy. Just lots of paint. 

My words of wisdom for this week are to use your art materials. Draw with your inks. Paint with your watercolors. Sew with your thread. Knit with your yarn. There is no better time but now. Your materials do no good whatsoever sitting on a shelf or in a drawer. They only do good if you use them.