Inktober Part № 1

If you want to draw, try drawing whatever catches your curiosity. How about the diagonal lines in the construction scaffolding on the building across the street from work. The pattern on your curtains? What about inventing a font? All worthy subjects. I draw every day, yet I'm still amazed to see what a month of even-more-focused-work-than-usual can accomplish. 

Enter the theory behind the Inktober Challenge launched by Jake Parker to "improve my inking skills and develop positive drawing habits."  This is my second year participating.

The first set of pages.... I'm also sharing on instagram #inktober. 

5x8" moleskine, ink... and here's a video of me lettering this page

3x5" moleskine, ink

3x5" moleskine, ink & gouache

File Oct 06, 12 37a.jpg

3x5" moleskine, ink & gouache

For the 2014 Inktober Challenge, my goal was to use ink in some manner {which may or may not be equivalent to one page} each day. I was super psyched to finish 27 pages especially since I started a week late last year! I considered anything with ink as fair play. Markers, pens, inks, dip pens, nibs, high flow acrylics & rapidograph. I did experiments involving ink and various inking tools, various backgrounds, permanent and water-soluble inks, etc. Here's last year's wrap-up summary! Anything goes! 

When you jump into a monthly challenge, a little up-front strategy goes a long way. I know from the Index-Card-a-Day Challenge that a positive outlook is the most important thing. {I will do this, rather than I think I will do this... or I doubt I can do this}.