31 Inktober Drawings & Thoughts on Creative Challenges

31 Inked Drawings by Tammy Garcia https://daisyyellowart.com #inktober #drawing

Why do we do creative challenges? Taking part spurs me to create more, to get refine my skills, my line work, my brush work, to work more freely, to finish work, to get stuff out into the world. Why? To do it all over again the next day. But yet. It can be difficult, especially if we get into the trap of comparing our art [and thus ourselves, right?] to others and it starts feeling like a competition. Yet we do it. We do it anyhow. I believe that there is more positive than negative in participating in an online creative challenge.

The more stuff you make, the more practice goes into the imaginary books, the better lines you’ll draw, the better your brush strokes will be, the better compositions, letters, cross-hatching, expressiveness, contrasts, color-mixing, highlights….. whatever else you are striving for!!!

I love looking at other people’s art and doing that makes me want to be a better artist!!! It does not make me feel LESS of an artist. It makes me see that there is so much more to learn and do and figure out. When I find artwork that resonates with my brain, it feels expansive.

Another creative challenge is a wrap, folks.

[This is a very, very rambling post.]

Illustration by Tammy Garcia https://daisyyellowart.com #abstractart

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So the best thing about a global challenge is that wave of positive energy that flows throughout the creative community. Seeing so much art inspires us to re-focus on our own art-making.

What drives use to stay involved in an online community and what holds us back? So, so complicated. It's uplifting to find people who are kind and supportive. And when bad things happen in the world, we keep turning to art, eventually. I feel like we are role models for each other, does that make sense? Like if I keep doing art you’ll keep doing art and so on, and so on.

Inside the darkness there is still beauty.

Thirty-one days of drawing in ink, painting in vivid colors, exploring imaginary structures…. it’s been interesting to watch how an idea sparks the next. How on earth does one categorize this type of drawing? Is it perhaps an abstract illustration? What comes to my mind when I’m making them — some sort of imaginary structures, like landscapes, caves, houses, retreats.

This year I decided to go for a more relaxed pace — last year I worked at a pretty insane pace [which was fun]. and made a batch of 6 cards per day, but this year since I was already working in so much ink for my 365… that intensity just didn’t make sense for me.

And then there were the unexpected elephants.

Illustrations by Tammy Garcia https://daisyyellowart.com

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Illustration by Tammy Garcia https://daisyyellowart.com
Illustration by Tammy Garcia https://daisyyellowart.com
Illustration by Tammy Garcia https://daisyyellowart.com
Illustration by Tammy Garcia https://daisyyellowart.com
Art by Tammy Garcia https://daisyyellowart.com
Ink art by Tammy Garcia https://daisyyellowart.com
Abstract art by Tammy Garcia https://daisyyellowart.com

“Mere color, unspoiled by meaning,
and unallied with definite form,
can speak to the soul
in a thousand different ways.”
Oscar Wilde

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