Inktober: Mandalas, Polaroids & Positivity.

A daily creative challenge is a fantabulous way to stick with {or trick yourself into} making more art. It's easier to KEEP creating than it is to pick up the threads a few months from now when you are out of the groove. 

And, it's too early to start brainstorming for NEXT Inktober, right? {asking for a friend}
Always take time to regroup and LOOK at what you've accomplished and give yourself credit, or a gold star or a faux certificate. 

Daisy Yellow

Series 28-31

set 28: "the monochromatic mandala set"

This series ranks No. 1 for patience and dedication this month - I drew the mandalas with a dip pen and black india ink and then later that day painted each mandala with one color of J. Herbin Fountain pen ink mixing only with black to achieve these monochromatic mandalas!

Admittedly, I'm tempted to add a few more fountain pen inks to my collection... a holiday give to myself? Just a few. But oh my gosh, what color(s)? 🐰 So many options. 

Monochrome Mandalas, 3x3" ink on watercolor paper by Tammy Garcia.

set 29: "the polaroid set" 

If you squint, I bet you can see a polaroid. This is the second set that I masked to get a white "frame" around the work [also did this with "rainbow landscape" 22 if you are following along with your scorecard]

3x3' Polaroid, inked by Tammy Garcia,
Polaroid, 3x3" ink on watercolor paper by Tammy Garcia.

sets 30 + 31: "the positivity squared sets" 

As I approached the last series, I decided to look back through all of the cards created this month and No. 7 "the positivity set" looked promising for expansion. You know I'm a word-lover, so words seemed to be a good choice for the last double-series. I'm sharing 8 here but there are lots more! 

Inked positivity by Tammy Garcia,
Inked positivity by Tammy Garcia,

So that's a wrap on the cards created for Inktober. It's actually more than that, but the remaining sets are B&W and I'm thinking that I'll do some sets with acrylics or gouache but that's all for another day, my friends.

Always lots to explore here at Tammyland, so stay in the loop!

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