Inktober: Owls, Rainbow Clouds + Dahlias

Abstract illustration in ink by Tammy Garcia

This year, I'm making inked 6 cards on hand-cut 3x3" watercolor paper each day using ONLY Dr. Ph. Martin's Bombay inks + J. Herbin inks. 

Go to Inktober 2017 No. 1 to see the full series.

Series 16-18

set 16: "the hidden passages set"

I visualize these abstract illustrations as sculptures or something cave-like, something made of stone with depth and different facets. But that's just the starting point -- as soon as I posted photographs of this series, I visualized owls!  This is a limited palette experiment as well -- black, blue and yellow ink. Everything else is mixed with only those colors. 

Abstract illustrations in ink by Tammy Garcia

set 17: "the rainbow clouds* set" 

The alternate name is "the diagonal set" and it's the ONLY one with a medium other than ink - I did an impromptu slash of silver heavy body acrylics before I remembered that I didn't want to use any other mediums. So this will stand as the set with the asterisk.* If there's a Daisy Yellow trivia game, this will be one of the questions. Anyhow, I like the way the black pops against the puffy rainbow clouds.

Diagonal abstract drawings in ink by Tammy Garcia

set 18: "the dahlia set" 

If you're a long-time reader you've seen these flower designs in many different forms + mediums. This is one of the many ideas that has roots [pun intended] in the Index-Card-a-Day Challenge. Here, I drew them on an abstract background. I tried to mute/fade the rest of the background [under the flower] by adding white but it wasn't all that effective. So the color behind the flower is intentionally more vibrant.  

Dahlia drawings by Tammy Garcia
Dahlia, drawing by Tammy Garcia


PS. Go to Inktober 2017 No. 1 to see the full series.
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