Inktober: Wings, Layers + Colorful Meandering

A community challenge like ICAD or INKTOBER inspires creatives to make marks and lines and brush strokes ꪯꀏഈᬽ plus there's a positive energy in participating with the larger art community 🌏 too.

Go to Inktober 2017 No. 1 to see the full series.

Tammy Garcia

SERIES 11-14

set eleven: "the wings set"

This is one of my favs thus far! These colorful cards started with intuitive marks -- pure play -- I did not see the fairy/angel/dancer appear until after I'd drawn three and the shape started to emerge.

This is such a perfect example of WHY I work on multiples for a concentrated period and why I do a LOT of art. You do not know when the magic will happen. The more I show up and just DO something, the more ideas I will discover.

Reminding me of Jackson Browne's bittersweet "For a Dancer" with these lyrics... "Just do the steps that you've been shown By everyone you've ever known Until the dance becomes your very own."

Tammy Garcia
Tammy Garcia
Tammy Garcia

set twelve: "the floating set" 

This set is comprised of two distinct layers; the underlying color was done first as a background and then allowed to dry, and later in the day I drew patterns drawn on top.

Tammy Garcia
Tammy Garcia

set thirteen: "the meandering set" 

These are all pretty much the same just with variations in lines. Took the pattern I'd started in Set 9 and played in another color palette or colorway. 

Rainbow is a palette, right?

👹🎀🏓🐷✴️⚜️♻️👗🐳🔵♒️📦👯  Rainbow is a palette, right? Tammy Garcia

set 14: "the accidental set"

Here's the back-story about this set. I painted mandalas with ink and was really happy with them when I was adding some detail with white ink. I proceeded to knock over the bottle of white ink onto several of the cards, emptying 1/2 of the bottle in a second flat. I grabbed my mop-up towel and slammed it onto the ink just before it rolled over the edge of my art desk onto the carpet. The carpet which as eluded ink for several years. And I swore. Loud. 

So with my heart beating a mile a minute, I looked at the cards and decided to just go ahead and put white ink on the rest -- you know, so they'd be consistent. The next day, I added a drop of magenta ink at the center of the white that had by then faded. It just a quagmire, definitely not better. Not salvageable. And you know what? I RARELY throw a page or a card away. I see it as a challenge to try to FIX STUFF or take off in a new direction. So when it's going nowheresville I know it! So I pitched the set. It was only the second set this month that I pitched. The next day, I eyed the set in the paper trash next to my art table ~ once dry, I could see potential in the distance. I decided to salvage them and added more drips in a criss-cross and voila... the accidental set. Some seriously distressed + worn texture + warp. I'll stick them under a stack-of-Harry-Potter novels and they'll be good to go. 

Tammy Garcia
Tammy Garcia


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