Inktober: Mosaics, positivity + ribbons

A challenge is whatever you want to make of it -- use the core rules of the challenge as your starting point and off you go.

The best thing about a global challenge is that wave of positive energy that flows throughout the creative community on instagram and FB. Seeing so much art inspires us to re-focus on our own art-making. There are a heck of a lot of people drawing and mark-making and playing with ink. I'm not trying to be woo-woo about it -- but each day I look forward to yummy art in my insta-feed! It's lovely to discover new artists and new ideas. What clever things will you devise? That goes round and round.

Go to Inktober 2017 No. 1 to see the full series.

Art by Tammy Garcia
Art by Tammy Garcia
Art by Tammy Garcia

One way to approach a challenge -- is to think about what you want to be able to do -- and maybe that is a starting point. How can you set up this particular challenge in a way that sparks more-more-more ideas for YOU?

A little editorializing first? Ten (10) days into Inktober ➡️ Just 10 days in and the ideas are literally overflowing my art desk. One thing leads to another and another and I'm literally building multiple series simultaneously now... each at a different stage of completion. 

Series 6-10

This year, I've challenged myself to create a series of inked 6 cards on hand-cut 3x3" watercolor paper each day and I'm using ONLY ink - specifically Dr. Ph. Martin's Bombay inks [quick review] and J. Herbin inks. 


set 6: "the mosaic set"

The before/after for 3 cards from⛓SET SIX⛓ in dip pen + Dr. Ph. Martin's inks.
Wondering what you guys visualize in these shapes?

Art by Tammy Garcia,
Art by Tammy Garcia

set 7: "the positivity set" 

These are lettered in dip pen with words I find uplifting and happy. I don't want to dwell in gloom. I want to dwell in the good. 

Art by Tammy Garcia
Art by Tammy Garcia

set 8: "the traveling house set" 

What I draw on the first card drives the entire series!  When I was drawing these - I thought about little houses that could be carried around. See the handles? My daughter sees them as teapots or gnome habitats!

In the Daisy Yellow FB group folks described what they visualized in these shapes! 
Bags of groceries, the sickle carried by the grim reaper, briefcase, tote bag, suitcases, luggage, camera, castles, strange little animals, bags, gas cans, tape measure...

💓🐦🎼 What do YOU see?

Art by Tammy Garcia

set 9: "the ribbon set"

Fun to play with color palettes that I usually don't use - opens up my eyes to possibilities! 

Art by Tammy Garcia

set 10: "the rust set"

I'm really digging that rust combination, an accident of color intersections.


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