Inktober: Grunge, Quasi-Florals + String Theory

"I feel summer creepin' in and I'm tired of this town again..."
Tom Petty, Mary Jane's Last Dance


Friends, thank you for reading what I write, for looking at the colorful photographs and allowing me to be part of your day or creative process in some way. 

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Lessons learned from creating 186 cards in 31 days.

Inktober: Looking forward and back.

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Art by Tammy Garcia.

This week is
overflowing with sadness
from the world
into our very beings
from so many different
directions. 🖤
I've cried a lot,
and made a lot of art. 

Because art is what I do,
on good days and bad.

Creating art is a positive
{and uplifting}
experience for me.
It's not destructive. 
I am a stronger person
with art than without. 

Art by Tammy Garcia.

I will miss Tom Petty. The lyrics and melodies are part of me, part of my generation. I cannot separate myself from them; it seems like they always existed.

A snapshot in my mind, merging onto the freeway in LA 🛣 on a trip in 1990...
Free Fallin came on the radio, how perfect is that?

Art by Tammy Garcia.
Art by Tammy Garcia.
Art by Tammy Garcia.

It's only five (5) days into Inktober and I am psyched about what's starting to evolve. My plan is to create a series of inked 6 cards on watercolor paper each day.

To prepare, I cut a bajillion 3x3" cards from Strathmore 300 Series paper and gathered all of the inks in my stash - Dr. Ph. Martin's Bombay inks [quick review] and J. Herbin inks and put them out on the desk. 

Each year I do three (3) creative challenges:

1. Index-Card-a-Day Challenge in June/July.
2. Inktober in October.
3. NaNoWriMo in November. 

"Daily" challenges are intensive, but they are also a really effective way to hyper-focus on one thing and take a leap forward. Completing an art project every day has this very different vibe - like immediacy + spontaneity combined. There isn't a lot of time to contemplate or percolate, it's really just go-go-go every day. 

Cards 1-5

set one: "the pink set"

Art by Tammy Garcia.

set two: "the grunge set" 

Art by Tammy Garcia. #inktober

set three: the "quasi-floral set" 

Art by Tammy Garcia #inktober

set four: "the flower power set"

Art by Tammy Garcia #inktober

set 5: "the string theory set"

Art by Tammy Garcia.


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