Ink Experiments in Pink

This mandala was drawn in a 5x8" watercolor moleskine sketch journal using a Rapidograph pen with .35mm nib filled with J. Herbin Rose Cyclamin ink (find it at Pendemonium). I filled in a few spaces with a pink Sakura micron, just to highlight the difference in color; most obvious in the darkened center of the mandala. The pink micron is a bit more red-pink whereas the J. Herbin ink is a bit more to the blue. The wonderful news is that the fountain pen ink did not bleed into the moleskine paper ~ moleskine comes through again! If you set the tip of the pen on the paper and let the ink flow, of course it will bleed, so you want to draw, not rest the pen! Can you believe all of this ink research started when I found a retro set of Rapidograph technical pens in the closet? The curiosity bloomed and experiments began.