Index Card Artist Series: Part Two

In the hopes of inspiring you through the abundant and never-ending possibilities of working on a simple substrate, I've invited a bunch of artists to share a special index card created to share in this space. 

So we're celebrating the index card. Our next two guests! 

Sue Maher is an avid traveler adept at creating collage art while exploring the world. These cards were created while exploring her native Australia in a caravan. Her art is often focused on travel, adventure and color. 

3x5" index cards in COLOuRED Pencils, art by sue maher.

3x5" index cards in COLOuRED Pencils, art by sue maher.

In Sue's words: A childhood love. A current fad. Coloured pencils. Simple art tools. Add an index card ... and play and experiment. Draw your own lines - or - use a ruled card. Divide the lines and change colours. Use cool colours. Use warm colours. Use blacks and greys and whites. Stripes. Squiggles. Shapes.  Draw a scribble to divide the lines and the colours. Use as a background. Colour the edges. Add a word or a sentence. Add a focus picture. Hand write a quote. Try out watercolour pencils. Raid the children's collections. Blend colours. Use them straight. Try a multicoloured pencil. Feel the pencil shape in your hand. Slow. Relaxing. Meditative. Simple. Colourful.

Sue shares her travel journals at Sue's Craft Cupboard.


Our next guest is Teresa Robinson, the magic-maker behind Right Brain Planner, sharing delightful work overflowing with insight and meaning. I'm drawn to the diagrammatic look & feel to Teresa's work.


Materials: Index card, tissue paper, packaging sticker, acrylic paint.

In Teresa's words: I love a colorful canvas, and scraping a blob of paint over the entire surface of the index card is a quick way to accomplish that. I use my altered book as a "work space" so the overflow of paint simply serves to prep the pages for future projects. To that base I added: a scrap of tissue paper; paint rings (by pressing the card to the open top of an acrylic paint bottle); smears of yellow paint and red dots of paint using the end of a paintbrush; black lines and my signature with Pitt pen. 

You can find Teresa at Right Brain Planner, on Facebook or instagram.

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