Index-Card-a-Day Wrap-Up!

A final note of THANK YOU to all of the folks that participated in the 2014 ICAD challenge! I hope that you will continue the trend and set aside a bit of time each day for art. It is so very important.

Non-stop creative amazingness. 

There is so much behind-the-scenes acrobatics and logistics involved in keeping the index-card-a-day challenge running smoothly each year. It's very intensive and sometimes I question my sanity in attempting to pull this off each summer! I have received so many thank-you notes and appreciate knowing that the challenge has made a difference in your life. I've answered about 75% of your notes, and will do my best to respond to every note. Knowing how you feel about the blog and the challenge help immensely {and keep me on track, headed forward}.

My goal is to keep the challenge free.

But a free challenge takes an abundance of work here at Daisy Yellow! If you find value at the blog, you can help support Daisy Yellow initiatives like the June & July Index-Card-a-Day Challenge, the Daily Paper Prompts {this link goes to the brand new index page for the 61 prompts, with a new introduction}, the August Art Journaling Tangents & Tactics series and the September Color Fun Challenge {details in a few days} by purchasing a Zine or Art Journal Prompt cards from my Etsy shop, or by contributing to my "tip jar" at the top right side of the blog.