Index-Card-a-Day Warm-Up Activities № 1-10

We’re heading into an intensive challenge and one of the most valuable things you can do is get your mind and body into the mode of creating + generating ideas. One of the things I’ve noticed is that challengers who go into ICAD with a positive albeit realistic attitude [the idea that it is POSSIBLE to succeed, but it will take work] are more likely to stick with ICAD when it gets tough.

It’s a marathon, as they say, not a sprint. Know that this is absolutely do-able, and absolutely fun, but not easy.

Here are ten (10) Index-Card-a-Day Warm-Ups to get YOU into the groove!!!

ICAD warm-ups set one

If you haven’t decided whether you want to jump in to ICAD {again, or for the first time} this year, maybe start with the warm-ups and then decide? They’ll get your creative ideas spinning. Then visualize yourself on August 1st, looking {adoringly 🐥🐼🐶🐯🐸} at your stack of cards…

Oh hey, for the folks reading along, there’s a new zine! It’s called the ICAD Creative Boost.

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