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Learn everything you need to know in the ICAD FAQ.
And yes, it's gotta be an index card.


The 7th Annual Daisy Yellow Index-Card-a-Day Challenge 
runs June 1-July 31, 2017. 

The idea is simple; create something on index card every day for 61 days. Bookmark this page. This serves as a table of contents, 🌻 an index, for the annual challenge.

Here's how it works.

Folks around the globe 🏄 create something on an index card every day from June 1 - July 31. That's 61 days of creative work! It's not a competition or a who-can-do-better-art kind of fancy schmancy challenge but a super intense roll-up-your-sleeves project. And it quite possibly alter your creative trajectory. But you won't know unless you try, right!?

There are a few rules, although not many; all of that is covered in the handy ICAD FAQ where you can find answers to frequently asked questions. You can use any type of standard index card [max 4x6"] that you find in an office supply store. Lined, neon, blank, tabbed, etc. or rolodex cards are OK. I'm in love with the 3x5" size, and use both lined cards and tabbed index card dividers. 

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2017 ICAD Prompts

I'll post prompts on the Daisy Yellow Facebook page and here at the Daisy Yellow blog every Sunday starting May 28 at 7:00am CST. So you'll have a few days before each week begins in order to regroup and contemplate and brainstorm what you'd like to do each week. In 2017 ICAD weeks begin on... Thursdays! Prompts are 100% optional and can be safely ignored if you wish.

What can you do with an index card?

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95+ Ideas Zine

NEW!!! 95+ more incredible ideas for creating small format art! An array of my handmade 3x5" index card artwork with a description of each card, the medium(s) utilized and ideas for your own work. 
60 pages in full color digital PDF format. 

Social Stuff

Share your index card creations!!! 1000's of folks do the challenge each year! Use the hashtag so that you can find other challengers and say hello. All of that creates a super bunch of fun. 

Instagram Hashtag Use #dyicad2017 to find the ICAD tribe. I'm gypsy999.
Flickr Group I am not kidding -- there are 17,000 ICADs in the group! SEVENTEEN THOUSAND. When I started ICAD in 2011, we convened @ Flickr and a small but mighty group continues to post each year!
Pinterest Board

New for 2017

Private Facebook Group. The group this year will be a private group rather than a public group. Over the past many years of the challenge, I have facilitated larger & larger public FB groups and they started to feel very, well, public. Enjoy the thrill of the challenge in a troll-free, positive and supportive group environment. Open thru August 5, 2017. My goal is for the group to be a playfully energizing respite from the chaos of the world. 🌿 Creative work will flow into the group every day and we'll focus on each person's commitment, the clever ideas, the creative approaches, the silly tangents and series, get to know each other and have some fun!

Weekly Daisy Yellow Gazette, an encouraging email from Tammy during the challenge.

Five (5) index card art video tutorials. These tutorials will be released on June 15, 2017. Tutorials are playful beginner level work with acrylics, collage, watercolor & hand-lettering. FB access not required.

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Price: $5 USD
+ 2017 ICAD FB group
+ ICAD Gazette


Early Bird: $15, save $5 USD thru May 28
+ 2017 ICAD FB group
+ ICAD Gazette
+ Five index card art video tutorials

Warm-Up Exercises, 10 Total