Index-Card-a-Day 2017 Countdown Begins

"Habit is more powerful than will. If you
get in the habit of painting every day,
nothing will keep you from painting."
Irwin Greenberg

The Index-Card-a-Day challenge, affectionately known as ICAD🔝 begins in a matter of days. Jot a note to yourself in your planning-device-of-choice, whether that's a sticky-note on your fridge, a Hobonichi, Midori, Fauxdori, Field Notes, composition journal or Moleskine. 

"Knowledge has to be improved, challenged, 
and increased constantly, or it vanishes."
Peter Drucker

Make a note to yourself amidst your scribbles  about ✔️glasses of H20, yoga minutes, cups of  ☕️ java, phase of the 🌛 moon, sunspot activity and next Netflix watch. This is a gentle reminder that now is the time to figure out whether you are IN for this year! 

More information!

The ICAD FAQ holds nitty gritty details.

The ICAD Index holds links to all things pertaining to the 2017 Challenge. The challenge starts in 3 weeks and I'll be adding MORE links to the index that you might enjoy. The index is automatically updated when prompts are published each week during the challenge. 

The ICAD Home Base is the home for the entire ICAD challenge. 

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