Index-Card-a-Day 2017 Index

This is not an art competition.
This is a creative challenge.
Can you create something on
an index card every day
for 61 days? I bet you can.

Learn everything you need to know in the ICAD FAQ.
And yes, it's gotta be an index card. That's the point! Simple!

The 7th Annual Daisy Yellow Index-Card-a-Day Challenge runs June 1-July 31, 2017. 

The idea is simple; create something on index card every day for 61 days. Bookmark this page so that you can refer back. This serves as a table of contents, an index, for the annual challenge. This index will be updated  in late April 2017.

Starting Points

The Index Card Idea Zine

101+ ideas for creating small format art and examples from the cards I've created for the ICAD challenge! This is an idea guide, without tutorials. 28-page digital zine.

The ICAD Kick-Start Zine

Articles & insights & ideas for working & staying motivated throughout the challenge. 25-page digital zine.

The Circle

A creativity-energizing workshop. Works in conjunction with the ICAD challenge to support your goal of adding or refreshing your daily creative practice. This is an intensive experience where you will be challenged to exercise your creative thinking skills and incorporate a positive daily creative work. This is a 61-part workshop with about 10 index card tutorials, creative exercises, thought-provoking discussions, etc. There's a cozy, supportive FB group where we share index card art & journal pages and discuss creative ideas, materials, etc. ✪ Registration for the current Circle group is closed to new participants; the workshop will relaunch and open to a fresh group of participants starting May 2017. Be sure to subscribe to the newsletter to stay in the loop about the launch & registration! ✪ 

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The 2017 ICAD Prompts*
*Prompts will be posted each week of the challenge, starting a few days before June 1st. Prompts are 100% optional and can be safely ignored if you so wish.

Topical Prompts = Daily Sparks
These are one word prompts or short phrases that are meant to spark an idea for your card each day. 

Thematic Prompts = Concepts, Techniques, Mediums.
These are posted weekly and are broad ideas that usually focus on a particular medium or technique or material {i.e. ink, colored pencil, paint...} and you can choose to follow these or not:)

The 2016 ICAD Prompts
If you are looking all over the universe for the 2016 prompts, I have collected them in my Index-Card-a-Day Pinterest board {follow me there, as I add to the board throughout the challenge}.


Ten (10) ICAD Warm-Up Exercises!

If we were preparing for a 5K, we would stretch and start by walking, right? So let's do that with creative ideas and art materials. Before you get started, s-t-r-e-t-c-h those creative muscles with these tried-and-true warm-ups! Click on any of the icons to see the warm-up activity. Work them in any order - even during the challenge if you need a pick-me-up!

More Creative Prompts!

Grab a kale smoothie, a vanilla espresso and a blueberry scone and start the Wonder31 {newest series}, Prompt60 or Muse30 Prompts.


An intro post from 2015 with a bunch of cards from participating artists.