Idea Threads

I'm sharing some of the art that I did in the last few weeks but haven't had a chance to post. 


This started as a few index cards with stitching and inked journaling. I cut them into pieces and these two formed a whole. So, here's to synergy and randomness and good surprises. 

I'm writing this post on my phone. This is weird to me, to do a post in this way, but a lot of stuff feels clunky this week. like having my well protected foot in a black Birkenstock-like sandal and keeping it elevated 99% of each day.

So now that I am more clear-headed and the foot surgery is a done deal... I am trying something new, for a short period of time. Maybe a few blog posts. 

This started as an Instagram post but then I challenged myself to develop a blog post via phone. I'm limited by a dreadful one finger typing speed, using square phone photos altered with iPhone apps! 


These are index cards, stitched, inked and journaled with negative thoughts about games people play. The writing is with a dip pen and india ink although the ink name escapes me.

I wrote about not playing the game. Unauthentic people can spend an inordinate amount of time trying to communicate authenticity. And it works more often than not.

There's value in writing about bad and good and all of the quirky stuff in between.  

I don't like to reread negative stuff, I just want to write it and get it out. So I cut it up and  put the pieces in a basket of collected papers. 


Thank you for your sweet blog comments! And your sweet Instagram comments! And likes! Now there are likes on blog posts on the new blog. And you can "reply" to comments by other people! The comments kept popping up on my phone the past few days and helped more than you can imagine. 

Surprise! My new article for Create Mixed Media posted while I was out... Do Something Creative, Anything!