The white sky is stark white behind the crape myrtles.

We have to keep the pool running to keep it from freezing, yet still icicles.

There's been 2-3" of ice on our street and sidewalk since the wee hours Tuesday morning. We live in the DFW are and they do not maintain salting facilities so roads are not salted as they are in the northeast where I grew up. Gravel is spread on some major roads and overpasses.

Kimba is cozy and warm.

For the third day, schools are closed tomorrow across the city. [Update, schools closed 4 days straight, and big puffy snow fell on Thursday night]. Tonight temps will dip to 11 degrees F with wind chill negative 2. I wonder when this will begin to melt.

Rolling blackouts were announced, but we haven't lost power. The kids built forts upstairs - involving a great deal of blankets, flashlights and stuffed animals - so that we have a place to go when we lose power.

Oh, and I've lost my voice.