Daisy Yellow Zine Special ICAD Edition: Creative Boost

I started by pulling out boxes of index card art that I’ve created over the years, making stacks of “themes” and then made mini-series of “like” themes. Looking at the cards from different challenge years “side-by-side” was eye-opening! I mean, sure, I can see the themes as I glance through the digital archives of everything I’ve photographed, but there is something quite powerful about HOLDING those cards in my hands, arranging them, photographing them as a little collection.

Art made in different phases of my evolution, art made with different tools, even in different cities. Art made on airplanes and after foot surgery and a book stores and coffee shops. Art that has become part of my day-to-day life. All of this impossible had I not intentionally taken the time for myself, time for a mental reboot, time to draw or paint or collage or whatever.

A decade of what in the moment seem to be small decisions.

Inside the {fresh}{new} Creative Boost, so much encouragement and motivation and inspiration sprinkled with colorful index card art. Encouraging words for anyone taking the 61-day ICAD challenge. Peppered with a fresh assortment of Tammy’s handmade 3x5" index card artwork! Guest artwork from Hanna Andersson, Teresa Robinson, Patricia Dattoma, Amy Cowen, and Elizabeth Titus.

The Index-Card-a-Day challenge is different for each of us, and surprisingly, it’s different from year-to-year. We are in a different head space, a different phase in life, plus our skills have morphed and refined too.

Daisy Yellow Creative Boost zine

Picturing a stack of digital books makes me happy. Since 2011, I’ve devised 18 regular issues of the Daisy Yellow zine + 1 volume of the creative nudge [volume two is on the back burner] + 4 special ICAD editions [Kick-Start Guide for New Challengers, 101+ ideas, 95+ Ideas, 🆕 Creative Boost]. I love the process of developing my zines and am thankful that you all enjoy them!

Above, an assortment of mandala art, one of many mini-series of cards that have common threads but different genres or styles or created with different mediums or tools. Grab the new 31 page issue in full color PDF format. Upon purchase, you’ll get a link to download to your computer, phone, iPad, etc. Thought-provoking articles + yummy artwork… what better excuse to get comfy and sip peppermint tea?

Excerpts from the new ICAD Creative Boost

"Taking a goal of “PERFECT” out of the equation means you're more free to experiment! Otherwise perfection taunts you from over the horizon."

"The act of accomplishing each daily card feels like a triumph. It's a victory, a link in the chain, a ✅, a baby step, a flagstone along the garden path. Please be graceful with yourself. You will have doubts along the way, but in my experience, doing difficult things builds confidence."

"I will volley this to you — you must first make the radical decision that art-making has some reasonable level of priority in your life. If it is a priority [not just in words but in action], you will find a way to make it happen."

Kind words from readers about the zines

“Bought the ICAD Creative Boost and Kickstart PDF's and joined the group this morning. Thank you soooo much for such generous wonderful inspiration!!!!! Can't wait to sit down with a cuppa (or wine) and have a good read! They look fantastic.”

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"Love it! I often re-read your zines. I look forward to new ones to come. Thanks for all your efforts!"

“Brilliant zine. Full of beautiful art and insight.”

Just the boost I needed, thank you :)”

“I love this seller, her creativity, sense of color and fun! Highly motivational! Quality + awesome value! This my 6th or 7th item bought from this seller and won't be the last! She makes you want to get your hands messy and PLAY!"

“Again, Tammy has blown us all away with her thoughtfulness, design style and delivery style and delivery of wonderful information, hints & tips and prompts." 

"LOVE all your Zines!!! Tons of great info and fabulous inspiration. I have a full set and plan to continue with any new releases!" "Absolutely inspirational! I love these zines!"

"So happy I ordered these art journaling zines. Will definitely come in handy. I love it! Thanks so much! A+++"

“I like to hoard these like a magpie with little bits of rainbow."

“As usual Tammy’s zines are pack filled with colour and inspiration. I have a full set and I never fail to be inspired or led down a rabbit hole or three. Tammy’s prompts always challenge me to step out of my comfort zone."

"These are all great, especially looking at them all in a row. Great ideas I will go back to. Excellent production quality. The pages pop out at you." 

"Every page is a delight and it's loaded with creative ideas. My goal is to own every one of these!" 

"Juicy, fun, full of color and joy. Loved it!"

"Chock full of colorful and creative ideas." 

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