The 9th Annual Index-Card-a-Day Countdown Begins

Queue theme music.

The basic concept is as follows. Build a tiny creative project into each day for 61 days. There are very few rules to the challenge - the first is that the base for your work is the small, simple format of an index card of maximum size 4x6” [so max would be A6 size]. For a frame of reference, all of my index card art is 3x5” format. It’s a very down-to-earth challenge, un-fancy, with a warm + supportive community built around the process of making and sharing index card art. The surprising thing is that having a built-in constraint actually allows options to open up.

This is a creative, non-competitive challenge that I’ve been facilitating online every June/July since 2011. You do NOT need to be an artist to participate! It’s a whirlwind, folks.

Here’s how it works.

ICAD is kind of like intersecting ferris wheels of fun. We start with Warm-Up Activities to limber up and get our hearts and minds into the creative game. Get a pack of 100 index cards so that you have ample extras. You’ll find better quality cards at the office supply store. The cards at big box craft stores and dollar stores are quite flimsy and it will be worth the extra dollar [or your currency equivalent] to get the better ones.


Each week Tammy [that’s me] posts seven (7) [100% optional] daily prompts. Find them here! If you opt to use the prompts as your starting point each day… you do not need to follow them literally! Try interpreting figuratively, dramatically, comedically, methodically, magically, mysteriously, ridiculously. Use them in a way that works for you. Or skip them. They are there for you as a possibility. Some will resonate with you and some will not.

Resources to Turbo-Boost ICAD 2019

Encouraging words + imagery.

ICAD Creative Boost ---> Fresh new zine!!! Add zest to your challenge experience. Encouraging words, with tips insights about the Index-Card-a-Day Challenge, peppered with a fresh assortment of Tammy’s handmade 3x5" index card artwork! Guest artwork from Hanna Andersson, Teresa Robinson, Patricia Dattoma, Amy Cowen, and Elizabeth Titus.
31 colorful pages in PDF format; instant download.

ICAD Kick-Start Guide ---> After many years of questions and curiosity about ICAD, I wrote a zine specifically for newbies to get up to speed, with sparkly motivation + imaginary licorice flambé + colorful art.
25 pages in PDF format; instant download.


ICAD at Facebook

This challenge is even more powerful when you interact with kindreds who "get" the intensity and the bigger picture of WHY we do this.

ICADgroup —> Access to the dedicated ICAD 2019 FB group. [Registration now closed]

ICADextras —> Access to the dedicated ICAD 2019 FB group —plus— three (3) index card art video tutorials!!! A little BURST of energy at the beginning of the 3rd week of ICAD. Delivered June 15th. [Registration now closed]

ICAD at Instagram

Easy peasy! And free! Just post your index card creations with tags #dyicad2019 #daisyyellowart. 🏳️‍🌈📿💘 I’ll be sharing all of my ICADs at instagram right along with you!

Daisy Yellow Index-Card-a-Day Challenge #creativechallenge #dyicad2018

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