The Official Index-Card-a-Day Challenge Countdown Clock

What' on earth is ICAD?

The 8th Annual ICAD Challenge runs June 1-July 31, 2018. It revolves around doing a tiny creative project each day for 61 days... on a simple index card. What you do on that card is up to you. And yes - our base/substrate is a basic office supply. It is INTENTIONALLY UNFANCY. It's actually NOT an art challenge and you definitely do NOT need to be an artist to participate. It's a non-competitive, fun, creative challenge that YOU CAN do. 1000s of folks do the challenge each year. It is a whirlwind of activity.

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How does ICAD Work?

Our recipe is simple. First we get into the proper mood for playing with a utilitarian ubiquitous office supply known in many lands as the index card. That's done via our ICAD Warm-Ups! You can find a link to the warm-ups on the ICAD home base

Each week Tammy posts seven (7) [100% optional] daily prompts. If you CHOOSE to do the prompts, you can interpret literally, figuratively, methodically, magically, mysteriously, ridiculously, ironically, etc. Use them in a way that works for you. Or skip them. 

What's the goal of the challenge?

The GOAL of the challenge is to do something creative on an index card every day for 61 days. That's it. We geek out about index cards and figure out all sorts of things to do with them.

What will you be doing in June + July? 

Making color-themed collages, documenting 61 Japanese phrases, hand-lettering 61 fonts, practicing calligraphy forms, writing character descriptions, drawing freeform mandalas, painting patterns with acrylics, drawing the plants in your garden, folding origami boxes from index cards, splattering ink onto index cards, gluing found poetry from free museum brochures, doing urban sketching, creating mixed media collage, practicing paint mixing, and experimenting with a new medium.... 


For sharing your creative work, here are two super fun options. Go with what works for the way you like to share, interact, the way that sparks the most forward-momentum!


It's easy peasy! Participate in the vibrant ICAD community by simply tagging your ICADs #dyicad2018 and #daisyyellowart Follow the hashtags to stay connected with fellow ICAD community members! I'll be posting ALL of my ICADs too!!! Follow me Tammy [aka Daisy Yellow] at gypsy999  


There is a dedicated ICAD group which is part of the ICADextras bonus content.  I started this new format last year for many reasons. Not everyone is comfortable posting their creative work in a large public group or a large public platform. This group was free access for many, many years and as much as I adore that SO many people wanted to get involved, the larger the group got, the more complex it became for me to run [well][❣️][and provide a positive supportive space for participants]. The behind-the-scenes logistics became just too complicated and I know that I can add the most value with a smaller, more focused group.

The challenge group was super cohesive last year, with everyone really INTO the challenge and interacting! I LOVE seeing creative people BLOOM during the challenge. That is the absolute best part!

This challenge is incredibly powerful, and even more so when you can interact with kindred creatives... people who "get" the intensity and value of the challenge. I hope that a small, dedicated group format will be of interest! We had a great time last summer:)

Tammy is actively involved in the group on a daily basis throughout the challenge assisted by my buddies Amy Cowen [voice of the Creativity Matters Podcast] and Patricia Dattoma [mixed media artist]. The group is designed so that ICADians, ICADettes & ICADgurus all benefit from the camaraderie and positive collective energy!


Resources to Turbo-Boost your ICAD Experience

Kick-Start Guide ---> If you are a newbie, the ICAD Kick-Start Guide ↗️ ↗️↗️ helps you get up to speed and get your head in the ICAD game. It is part motivation, part realism, part licorice flambé decorated with Tammy's assorted colorful index card art. My digital zines are in colorful, downloadable, PDF format.

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Good luck and may the office supply force be with you:)

3x5" index card by Tammy Garcia, collage

3x5" index card by Tammy Garcia, collage

3x5" index card by Tammy Garcia, acrylics and Neocolors

3x5" index card by Tammy Garcia, acrylics and Neocolors

3x5" index card by Tammy Garcia, sketch @ jury duty

3x5" index card by Tammy Garcia, sketch @ jury duty

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