Authentic ICAD Badges

Here are the authentic, one-of-a kind, heirloom, organic, collector's edition, non-GMO, certified real, hypo-allergenic, digital commemorative patches to celebrate the Index-Card-a-Day Challenge. Post a badge/button/pin/graphic/image/patch on your blog or favorite social media spot to support the concept of free-wheeling, experimental art on index cards...

Sending index card art love to all of you. 

There are various sizes, some are square, others rectangular. Generally you would right click on the graphic and "save as" to download to your computer. Then on your blog, or on your social media spots, upload! Link back to Daisy Yellow... to 

What's an ICADian? In the ICAD FB Group for the 2015 challenge, there was a running  joke about participants being ICADians... newbies are ICADettes, we live in ICADia, and lots of plays on words. We had so much fun with this! I believe it was Robin Mead who started the naming trend, and it just carried on! Oh! And an ICAD guru is a person who has rocked an entire, extensive, intensive 61-day challenge.

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