Index-Card-a-Day 2019 Index

The idea is simple; create something on index card every day for 61 days. 
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9th Annual Daisy Yellow Index-Card-a-Day Challenge 
June 1-July 31, 2019
[OK, yeah, seriously, it's gotta be an index card]

2019 ICAD Index

Here's how it works.

Folks around the globe 🏄 create something on an index card from June 1 - July 31. It's not a competition or a who-can-do-better-art kind of fancy schmancy challenge but a super intense personal roll-up-your-sleeves project.

This challenge has the potential to alter your creative trajectory. 

There are a few rules, although not many; use a standard index card [maximum size 4x6" or metric equivalent] that you find in an office supply store. Index cards that are blank, lined, neon, gridded, fluorescent, tabbed, etc. and rolodex cards are OK. If you cut down nice/watercolor/etc. paper to index card size, that’s not an ICAD. It’s kind of built-into-the-name. All of my cards from 2011 until this very moment are 3x5" and I love the size! I use mostly lined cards and tabbed index card dividers and once in awhile I use gridded cards if I can find them. If you are the analytical type [like me!!!] go peek at the ICAD FAQ.

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2019 ICAD Prompts

Weekly Topical Prompts are posted each Wednesday start ing May 29. Weekly Themes are posted in weeks 1, 4, and 7.
A few days advance to give you time to contemplate & brainstorm! 
Prompts are 100% optional!

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2019 ICAD Warm-Up Exercises (ten)