ICAD 2019 Prompts Week 9

I know. I can’t believe it either.

There are many facets to a creative challenge — from beginning to end there is a difficult-to-describe driving force that keeps you in the game, keeps you creating, keeps you dedicated to getting to the finish line. PARTICIPATING is NOT a SIMPLE ACT. It is a hopeful, positive decision.

And it ALSO involves brainstorming, preparing yourself mentally, getting to know your art materials, figuring out how to use various tools, getting frustrated, reaching plateaus, talking yourself out of quitting, problem-solving, documenting, photographing, cropping, uploading, interacting in the community, and supporting others! Oh yeah, and keeping up with real life too. Whew! Now I won’t have an excuse for not vacuuming!?

I’ve enjoyed watching 💘 newbies move from tentative participation, unsure about what on earth they’ve gotten themselves into 😂 and watching experienced ICADians return for a fresh year, gradually gaining momentum as the group moves forward 🔄 and diagonally, some with a plan or series, others winging it, some on prompt, some off-prompt or on-theme or whatever! There’s always SO much going on during ICAD and a whirlwind adventure no matter if you are playing the game or watching it go round and round.

Whether you accomplished 17 or 27 or 47 or 61 cards, thank you for playing along in the game of ICAD! If you accomplished that magical 61, WOW and congratulations! It often takes doing the challenge a few different years to get to that point! There will still be a bunch of posts about ICAD through early August, including ideas for celebrating and rewarding yourself. Also! The Creative Nudge Vol. 02 is now available but I haven’t had a chance to post about that!


Daily Prompts: Week 9

As always, feel free to use the prompts mechanically, abstractly, poetically, colorfully, cleverly, literally, astronomically…. whatever!

Weekly Themes ICAD 2019 Weeks 7-9

Thematic Prompts: Weeks 7,8,9

You can use these optional concepts and mediums as a different sort of prompt. They could guide the techniques or bigger picture aspects of your work each week. Fun disclaimer: Not scientifically designed to work seamlessly with the daily prompts!