ICAD 2019 Prompts Week 8

What drives us to commit to a creative challenge? What holds us back? I think the best part of ICAD is the kind and supportive community that has grown over the years since we started w-a-y back in 2011. We all know that there is beauty and hope and balance and joy in the creative process and so we return to our art tables, reach out for pen or paint or paper, and make things.

It’s ALMOST the last week.

Imagine all of the stuff-makers around the world painting in their journals, knitting striped scarves, sewing modern quilts in shades of tangerine, drawing façades, making gelatin prints, photographing waterfalls, and painting magenta flamingos.

3x5” scrap collage on index card by Tammy Garcia

3x5” scrap collage on index card by Tammy Garcia

Keep making!


It has been a joy to participate along with you all this year, to chat about art, to focus on good things. I know that it can be difficult to share art online, to commit to a daily challenge, to put your heart and soul into your art and then put it out there in the world for others to see and potentially judge. So thank you for daring to share your work, for cheering on fellow artists, for pushing yourself through plateaus and hesitations and fears and perfectionism and questioning yourself especially on days when you really just wanted to watch Stranger Things and go to sleep but you made your card nonetheless.

I wanted to remind you that in June I started something DARING and novel, something I have wrestled with for many years. The new thing is a micropayment “tip jar” called Ko-Fi. There are bonus goodies for folks who contribute just $2 or more, or a recurring contribution of $2 or more. Please support Daisy Yellow at Ko-Fi. Thank you to the folks who have made a contribution through Ko-Fi. I appreciate you. It feels good to know that you value what I am doing. At present, you’ll find the two ICAD tutorials that were part of the 2018 extras as well as a new video tutorial called “UNWRITTEN” which is pictured below!!! This is the kind of colorful, imperfect art we are making in my new workshop Tiny Adventure.

We are so very close to the finish line — so close - if you are faltering —
go directly to 12+ Tips for Sticking with ICAD for extra encouragement!!!

Weekly Themes ICAD 2019 Weeks 7-9

Daily Prompts: Week 8

The prompts are here for you if you need them!

Thematic Prompts: Weeks 7,8,9

You can use these optional concepts and mediums as a different sort of prompt. They could guide the techniques or bigger picture aspects of your work each week. Fun disclaimer: Not scientifically designed to work seamlessly with the daily prompts!

3x5” deconstructed mixed media collage on index card by Tammy Garcia

3x5” deconstructed mixed media collage on index card by Tammy Garcia