ICAD 2019 Prompts Week 7

What I've noticed over the years is that we find freedom in the impermanent un-demanding, zero risk, un-precious nature of the index card is especially helpful for those who have felt a block on other substrates. Oh and hey! I posted 12+ Tips for Sticking with the ICAD Challenge - hope you find them helpful — wherever you find yourself in the process.

Each week, the variables of our lives change in clear and also in subtle ways. Yet still, often against the odds, we make the proactive decision to return to the art desk, return to the simple daily luxury of a blank rectangular canvas. To visualize each day as a fresh start. Once you finish an intensive daily challenge for the first time [which can take multiple attempts] your outlook will change. From that point forward, you will know that you can do it — and how much you can gain after consistent solid creative work.

Weekly Themes ICAD 2019 Weeks 7-9

Daily Prompts: Week 7

As always, feel free to use the prompts mechanically, abstractly, poetically, colorfully, cleverly, literally, astronomically…. whatever!

Thematic Prompts: Weeks 7,8,9

You can use these optional concepts and mediums as a different sort of prompt. They could guide the techniques or bigger picture aspects of your work each week. Fun disclaimer: Not scientifically designed to work seamlessly with the daily prompts!