ICAD 2019 Prompts Week 6

Now that you've been at this ICAD thing for a month, you know what it takes to re-arrange or scheme or strategize to make at least a small part of your day revolve around art-making. Sure, this might be your norm, and if so, that's FAB! And if this is new - or just happens during ICAD [FYI you are not alone, I hear from a lot of folks who are most actively creative during ICAD each year!] -- yet you want to continue this creative path, the reality is that as art moves UP the list, something else likely has to move down.
More on that below. ⬇️

As we start a new month, I encourage you to open yourself up to chance and possibility in your creative work. Try not to control 107% of the outcome. Leave space for serendipity. Make a last minute decision. Go a little beyond the expected stopping point. Or stop before you usually stop. Traverse your card again. Turn it upside down. Add an easter egg or hidden subtext or symbol or secret code. Do something unexpected. And this week -proactively LOOK for kindness in others - even in people who have different beliefs and life paths.

Watch what you naturally/automatically “start” doing when you are in a queue, or waiting on hold for the cable tech support, etc. Try sketching patterns or people instead of checking instagram.

You are a creative soul - it is true - so look ahead and apply your clever problem-solving abilities to making time to do art. Get radical. Put art time on your daily planner.

Make it a THING YOU DO. Ideas: Swap out time spent on something else, proactively decide not make cupcakes for the fall festival, turn down a volunteer opportunity that doesn't super resonate, vacuum less often, don’t automatically say yes to everything everyone asks you to do, cut back on volunteering, simplify dinner prep one night each week?

Weekly Themes ICAD 2019 Weeks 4-6

Daily Prompts: Week Six

It’s nice + comforting to have a set of prompts just in case you need them! If you look up the word thesaurus in a thesaurus, what happens? Does the book implode? And if you are reading this, you get a silver 🌟 and my thanks! Use the prompts doubtfully, electrically, algebraically, jokingly, lyrically, or whatever!

Thematic Prompts: Weeks 4,5,6

You can use these optional concepts and mediums as a different sort of prompt. They could guide the techniques or bigger picture aspects of your work each week. Fun disclaimer: Not scientifically designed to work seamlessly with the daily prompts!