ICAD 2019 Prompts Week 5

It is hard to keep going and it is easy to quit. I get that. So I am encouraging you to make the choice to keep going. This is a gift to yourself that you will receive in the future. We’ll pretend that it’s like time traveling!

The key is to do a card, not to do a FANTASTICAL MAGICAL card that everyone in the universe will adore equally. Just make something. If you are getting stuck or frustrated, yet want to stick with your original plan [series, strategy, technique, medium, whatever ICADificational structure you have devised] you can allow yourself some grace. Be kind to yourself. If your cards are taking "too long" or "too complex" each day, scale back the goal. Simplify. Or maybe have a complicated card going in the background as an extra? The daily card is the key to building the daily habit.

So yes, let your interests and enthusiasms and even your eccentricities guide your path to creating. If you know you tend to worry or overthink each individual card [or if you have set a ginormous daily task for yourself that wasn’t realistic…. and you’re well behind… let that be a hint to self] give yourself the grace and the kindness to let it go and simplify your daily goal. An ICAD is not meant to be complicated or museum-worthy or a WORK OF MODERN AMAZINGNESS or perfect in any way. An ICAD is a little diversion, an exploration, a “hmmm, let’s see what happens!” sort of thing. Take note if you are making TOO MUCH of the end result. ICAD is meant to free you up to explore, not to weigh you down. You are the only one who can choose how you approach your work.

Weekly Themes ICAD 2019 Weeks 4-6

Daily Prompts: Week Five

Take a prompt out for a spin, turn it upside down, look it up in the thesaurus, Use them figuratively, geometrically, humorously, decadently, literally, poetically, etc. or skip them completely! They are here for you if you need them.

Thematic Prompts: Weeks 4,5,6

Concepts and mediums that you might want to use to guide your work. The themes are not scientifically designed to work seamlessly with the daily prompts, that's part of the fun! Use the themes, use the prompts, use both... whatever works for you. Tried and true things that many artists love. Hoping that they lead you to explore some new-to-you ideas too!