ICAD 2019 Prompts Week 4

Don’t forget that after the rush of STARTING the challenge, settling in for the ride can feel like inching along a plateau. You might start questioning ⁉️ whether this is really a good idea after all. For me, that’s how I know I’m getting used to the rhythm of a particular challenge or a new habit. It’s a bit of a struggle because it’s kind of in-between-land when it’s something you’re trying to change about your life. Look at it like this — the habit is only partially established — it needs more nurturing + cushioning + reinforcing to make it a true daily habit. And while I hope it doesn’t happen to you, it’s possible that you’ll be tempted to let it all go. Those annoying gremlins are happy to infiltrate our happiness, aren’t they!?

A few interesting articles I wanted to pass along to you.

Excerpt from HBR’s Why You Should Work Less and Spend More Time on Hobbies: "Neuroscientists have found that rational thought and emotions involve different parts of the brain. For the floodgates of creativity to open, both must be in play."

Excerpt from The Social Media Reality Illusion: "We don't see what happens between the panels of status updates and Instagram pictures." and "You're judging the entirety of someone's personality based on a tiny fraction of who they are. That inspiring speaker could be a real pain in the ass if you got to know him."

Just wanted to reiterate that the prompts are absolutely 100% optional and if you choose to do your own thing, this is a totally OK and valid approach to the challenge. It has always been that way, and I recognize that is different from MANY creative challenges where the entire thing revolves around the prompt. There are PLENTY of challengers doing their own thing, building series, going with the flow of whatever happens to be on their mind that day, constructing and toying with concepts, practicing a particular skill, etc. Please don’t feel bad or guilt-trip yourself or apologize or whatever! I offer them simply as an option for those who are into prompts. If they spark anything, cool. If not, cool.

ICAD 2019 Prompts Week 4
Weekly Themes ICAD 2019 Weeks 4-6

Daily Prompts: Week Four

Take a prompt out for a spin, turn it upside down, look it up in the thesaurus, Use them figuratively, geometrically, humorously, decadently, literally, poetically, etc. or skip them completely! They are here for you if you need them.

Thematic Prompts: Weeks 4,5,6

Concepts and mediums that you might want to use to guide your work. The themes are not scientifically designed to work seamlessly with the daily prompts, that's part of the fun! Use the themes, use the prompts, use both... whatever works for you. Tried and true things that many artists love. Hoping that they lead you to explore some new-to-you ideas too!