ICAD 2019 Prompts Week 3

OK adventurers! Time to take the new prompts out for a test drive, As per usual, they’re 100% optional and zero guilt if you go off-prompt. Feel free to interpret the prompts colorfully, botanically, poetically, academically, mathematically, scientifically, obscurely, figuratively, cutely, or cleverly!

Perusing the last three point five years of index card art.

Perusing the last three point five years of index card art.

As you ponder the new set of prompts, know that this week is PIVOTAL in the ICAD continuum. Do not be surprised if it feels like a hurdle to cross. If you make it through week 3, it is a BIG DEAL!!! In my experience, week 4 will be easier than week 3. But we shall see, your mileage may vary!

Yes! You can still take the ICAD challenge!
Start where you are, with your very own ICAD #1.
Go to the ICAD home base for all of the details!

Questions for you to think about this week! What do you want your creative life to look like on day #61? What do you want to have accomplished? What do you want to figure out?

Also! Take a pretend snapshot of the feeling that you get when you finish an index card each day. File that snapshot away and bring it out when you need a boost of energy. Know that it is 77x easier to KEEP GOING than it is to stop now, switch to something else, then start again and again and... well you know how it goes. 

Weekly Themes ICAD 2019 Weeks 1-3

Daily Prompts: Week Three

Take a prompt out for a spin, turn it upside down, look it up in the thesaurus, Use them figuratively, geometrically, humorously, decadently, literally, poetically, etc. or skip them completely! They are here for you if you need them.

Thematic Prompts: Weeks 1, 2, 3

Concepts and mediums that you might want to use to guide your work. The themes are not scientifically designed to work seamlessly with the daily prompts, that's part of the fun! Use the themes, use the prompts, use both... whatever works for you.

Sorry! Registration for the dedicated ICAD FB group is now closed.

We have about 350 folks playing in the ICAD group… a reunion of ICADians and a welcoming space for newbies. This not only gives you a boost of fun but it helps support what I do here at Daisy Yellow the rest of the year. It will help you stay on track to get to the magical 61, plus thoughtful discussion + encouragement from creatives who “get” this crazy daily challenge! We talk about all sorts of things to help you refine and think about your art practice, from perfectionism to fear of using up art materials. ICAD newbies can ask advice, ICAD gurus give advice, it’s a dynamic and fun way to experience the challenge.