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Learn everything you need to know in the ICAD FAQ.
And yes, it's gotta be an index card.

8th Annual Daisy Yellow Index-Card-a-Day Challenge 
June 1-July 31, 2018

The idea is simple; create something on index card every day for 61 days. 
Bookmark this page. This serves as a table of contents 🌻 and index for the annual challenge.

Daisy Yellow Index-Card-a-Day Challenge

Here's how it works.

Folks around the globe 🏄 create something on an index card from June 1 - July 31. That's 61 days of creative work! It's not a competition or a who-can-do-better-art kind of fancy schmancy challenge but a super intense roll-up-your-sleeves project.

This challenge has the potential to alter your creative trajectory. 

There are a few rules, although not many; all of that is covered in the handy ICAD FAQ where you can find answers to frequently asked questions. You can use any type of standard index card [max 4x6"] that you find in an office supply store. Lined, neon, blank, gridded, fluorescent, tabbed, etc. or rolodex cards are OK. I'm in love with the 3x5" size, and use both lined cards and tabbed index card dividers. 

2018 ICAD Topical Prompts
[Posted on Sundays; Weekly starting May 27]

Prompts will automatically appear HERE every Sunday during the challenge at about 12pm CST. That's a few days advance to regroup, contemplate & brainstorm! 
Prompts are 100% optional!

2018 ICAD Weekly Themes
[Posted on Sundays; Weeks 1, 4, 7 starting May 27]

Bonus Content

Daisy Yellow Index-Card-a-Day Kick-Start Guide
3.00 6.00

26 page full-color digital ebook in PDF format.

Ideas, insights & tips to motivate and support creatives during the Daisy Yellow Index-Card-a-Day Challenge flavored with a groovy assortment of my handmade 3x5" index card artwork!

Upon purchase, you'll receive a download link. Non-refundable. 
©2018 Tammy Garcia

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Daisy Yellow Index Card Art Tutorials: Explore Pack

22 page full-color digital ebook in PDF format + 6 video tutorials

6-tutorial-pack, you'll explore new ideas, mediums & techniques on the inviting small format of an index card! !!! You will adore these playful, beginner level techniques! 

Detailed list of materials, step-by-step instructions and examples for each technique. 
6 tutorial videos; one hour of high quality video instruction [videos not down-loadable but available through 12/31/20]

Pack includes: 
Corners Collage, Pattern Mapping, Abstract Landscape, Rainbow Sherbet, Doodle Spark, and Block Lettering.

Upon purchase, you'll receive a download link. Non-refundable. 
©2018 Tammy Garcia.

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2018 ICAD Warm-Up Exercises
[will auto-update with new prompts]