ICAD 2017 Week 3 Prompts & Themes

What on earth is the Index-Card-a-Day Challenge? Go to the home base to learn everything in the universe you'd ever want to know about the challenge. And more!

Daily Prompts for Week Three

Thematic Prompts for Weeks 1, 2, 3

Optional concepts and mediums that you might want to use to guide your work for the first three weeks.  


Pep Talk

I hope that your energy level is strong and you are enthusiastic about the challenge ahead! Week three is a PIVOTAL time in the ICAD continuum. It is a hurdle to cross. It can often make the difference between finishing & not finishing the challenge! 

We all lose that initial ZEST after some period of time. My hack for that is to put a gentle reminder to yourself on the fridge. Or your bathroom mirror. Why did you want to do this in the first place?

What do you want life to look like on day #61? Whether you need to make a space in your planner, make a spreadsheet, add gold stars to your Midori Traveler, do what it takes to motivate yourself. 

Go to the ICAD home base for links to everything you want to know about the challenge and much, much more!