ICAD 2015 Wrap-Up

A final index-card-a-day post for 2015... although I reserve the right to come up with something else index-card-related to write about. I'm sure some of you are looking forward to stuff other than index card art and others are trying to figure out the next steps in your art journey. I have a few ideas, but more on that later...

I hope that you have photographed your collection of index card artwork. If not, let this be your nudge to make time this week to do that. If you forget {and I'm not pointing to anyone in particular, but, well, possibly me}, they will scatter over time and I think you'll want the positive reminder of your accomplishment. No matter if you created 17 or 37 or 61 cards during the challenge, it is progress, a step in a positive direction. And if, by chance, you made it all the way to 61 and beyond, you get a YIPPEE and a BRAVO. But more importantly you can get an heirloom, organic digital ICAD badge for your blog to show off your accomplishment. You know, index card pride. Because that is a thing in the land of ICADia. All of the ICADettes are texting about it. At least I think so. 

Here's a video of all of my cards year-to-date. I keep doing index cards, so this is a late-mid-year-one-minute-and-4-second-retrospective. Watch at YouTube or Vimeo. I'm starting to add all of my videos to both YouTube and Vimeo, so if you want to stay in the loop {film humor} you can subscribe to my channel

PS. If you place an order for Daisy Yellow Art Journal Prompt Cards by the end of August you get a bit of index card artwork with your order:)

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