I Wish I Had an Art Studio With Twinkly Lights

“We live not only in a world of thoughts,
but also in a world of things.
Words without experience
are meaningless.”
Vladimir Nabokov

I dream of having an art studio. A grapefruit + vanilla scented space with twinkly lights, vast shelving, a wood floor with paint repellant and natural light from the floor to ceiling windows. 

130508_index_0057 copy.jpg

A studio replete with magical elves dressed in phthalo turquoise aprons that climb up to the high shelves and get my dusty boxes of ink and eraser stamps. A white uniformed hostess chef with a little cap like at an art deco diner, to make lunch. Green salads with avocados & cilantro, perhaps.

A loft space with hardwood timbers and a stainless steel sink overlooking the forest. With a housekeeping fairy to clean up those pesky little scraps of paper and the oversprays of paint. Someone to figure out the zip code and take mail art to the post office, unload the imaginary Neocolor truck and keep my watercolor brushes in tip-top condition. And an inventory manager to track art supplies and automatically replenish the tubes of gouache and almost-empty spools of silk thread. And a bucket of fairy dust. Someone to clean the fuzzy stuff from the sewing machine and wind the bobbins.

But then I realize that I'm doing just fine without twinkly lights. Or magical elves. I do a lot of work at the breakfast table and in the kitchen.

What do you dream about? 

Reposting from January 2014. Note that in late 2015, I gave in and took over part of our guest room for my art space. And the kids have strung twinkly lights up the stairs, so that's a start! Make art, no matter what space you've got!