How to Use Lists in Art Journals

Lists are fun. In "To Do List," Lisa of Pretty Little Messes uses imagery, ephemera and journaling. It's a fun, refreshing and colorful way to incorporate a list in your art journal. It would motivate me to get into action.

{reprinted from 2009}

Lists are a great way to get thoughts out of your head, and there are fun ways to get those lists into your art journal. Let's get started with a list, of course. A quick interview with a bunch of artists about using lists

  1. From Listography, a list of lists to make, including bands you've seen live, the packing list for your next trip, a list of favorite smells.
  2. Flickr artist paulateachstm designed a journal page in her moleskine full of listy goodness
  3. In her art journal, Flickr artist crazyquilter listed things she'd like to sew
  4. Flickr artist purrplekatt creates a list of songs from her ipod
  5. From Litemind, a mind map of How to Think Like Leonardo Da Vinci