How many ICADs can you fit into a 5-minute video?

Hi everyone! On my long, long things-to-do list I've had MAKE ICAD MOVIE for over a year. And this week, I crossed this off the list. Seriously. I never cross things off my list, because I am always doing something but not the things on my list. So this is a goodie! I was planning to SAVE this for April but I couldn't wait to share it with you!

The Daisy Yellow Index-Card-a-Day Challenge

I put together a collection of index cards to inspire YOU to join the annual Daisy Yellow ICAD Challenge which will run June 1 - July 31, 2018. ✨⏰🃏🛡📇🔮🗂🔭🎱⛱ This will be the 8th year of quirky creative fun on index cards, can you believe it? I'm a mixed media artist and although I adore lush watercolor paper or a handmade journal as much as you do --- I find index cards invaluable for experimenting and playing! This challenge can alter your creative path, for sure.

ICAD goals?
Create every day.
Launch | reboot your creative habit.
Explore new ideas. 

Find the video and more goodies on the Daisy Yellow YT Channel. Please do follow there; I used to post all of my videos at Vimeo and thus YT is still relatively new for me! Thanks!

In the video there are {approximately} ≈ 350 of the 1000's of 3x5" ICADs I've created over the years. Why? It was my S.W.A.G. re: the number that FIT into a 5 minute video with a few titles at the beginning and end. I selected a variety to give you food for thought. Many of these have variations, of course! You guys know that I love small format art, right? I use index cards for experimenting, learning, playing and figuring things out! The basic {imperfect} nature allows you the freedom to simply PLAY with your art materials, i.e. inks, acrylics, all of those tiny papers you have collected in your stash. The challenge also works wonders for getting through perfectionism or creative droughts {and so often these are intricately related, methinks}. 

We are far, far, away from the challenge. This is the ICAD off-season and I haven't started planning the 2018 challenge yet, but I have already started to ponder prompts.

Here's what you need to scribble on a post-it, write on the back of your electric bill, input into Evernote or doodle into your fauxbinachi... whatever form of tracking/planning system you use or avoid using. a) Warm-up stretches start mid-May. b) Challenge starts June 1. c) Our tag this year is #dyicad2018 

Details, FAQ, links, get started guide, ad infinitim:
Video Music: 🎶 Kevin MacLeod {thank you for offering free music that we can use on YouTube videos}