Here's the Thing...

The goal is not to have a perfect journal sitting on the counter gathering dust. To let your acrylic paints dry up in the containers. To have a neatly aligned set of markers. To have a picture perfect art studio with twinkly lights. I urge you to find 15 minutes each day to invest/gallavant/wander in your journal. You don't need antique sapphire ink + translucent origami stencils + vintage letterpress alphanumeric rivets. Or an instruction manual. The value in art journaling is actually opening up your journal* and getting down to work.

Here's the thing.

Once you make the potentially life altering decision to do some art... then go ahead and do some art.

* journal, paper, index card, whatever

Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you for your kind words the past few days... knowing that you are "still" reading has been an incredible lift for me. It had gotten really quiet around here and I started to question the "point" of all of this.